Paul Ryan Had A Black Girlfriend, Take That You Race Baiting Liberals? What?!?!?!?!?!? Wait A Minute........

Well we've learned that Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend in college. That proves he's not a racist, right? The "evil liberals" always throw around the "race card" when it comes to Republicans. Ryan can't be racist, he had a black ex girlfriend. Well, yes he could be. I'm not saying Ryan is a racist, let's not go crazy. I'm just saying he is not some color blind lover of all races and pro equality. You know who else was down with the swirl? Strom Thurmond. He was also pro-segregation. Yes he boned a black woman. He might have even actually liked her, or even loved her, but that doesn't excuse him as some bastion of racial equality. I've dated white guys who were racist. They didn't think they were racist, but they said racist things and saw me as the exception. I've met many white people who thought I was the exception and some magical negro. I was some exception to all the negative stereotypes that infiltrate their minds when they think of black people. The fact that this even mentioned in the media proves that race and racism still matters in 2012.

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